Thursday, March 12, 2009

Race Day Was a Major Success !!!

My latest car, the Juice Boxer, successfully surpased the required distance to pass the race. The Juice Boxer actually travelled 7.9 metres in about 12 seconds. It wasn't the fastest or the slowest but it sure was astonishing to see it reach that length. All my other classmates came up with some very awsome designs.

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  1. Man!
    You gave me interesting ideas!
    I, am planning to make a full size balloon powered car. I got the idea from a toy my parents used to sell, a little light plastic car shape with plastic wheels and it was balloon powered. It came with two balloons, one joined on and one spare. What I noticed about them was that they were tight and hard to blow. This made it go faster. When I used ordinary, easy-to-blow balloons it didn't go so fast. I suppose thicker, harder to blow balloons push air out harder, thus making it go faster and farther.

    You've really helped me, I hope I helped a bit too.