Friday, February 13, 2009

Triangle-Triwheel.... TRY AGAIN

As you can see this is a tricycle. With two wheels at the front and one at the rear, the car was supposed to travel smoothly across the floor. None of that happened. I inflated the balloon, set the car on the floor, and when I let go of the balloon the car literally flew one meter in the air.

  • Two kebab sticks
  • Three bottle caps
  • Cut up tissue box
  • One balloon

  • Travel 5m as fast as possible
  • Not fly in the air
What went wrong?
Well the first of many things was that probably the car was too light. The wheels weren't alined propperly by the axle. Finally the balloon had way too much air power and made the car fly in the air.

Next Time....
What I will do for my next car is try to balance the balloon's air power by the weight of my car. Clearly... three wheels isn't very successful.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Basically what I was trying to do (failed) was to create a balloon car made out of a tissue box. It was supposed to be powered by a large balloon (didn't turn out so well) and flow smoothly on the floor. Above, are some of the items that I used.

  • kebab sticks
  • scissors
  • bottle caps
  • tissue box
  • tape
  • balloon
  • sharp knife

Use of Materials:
The kebab sticks worked as axles for the wheels. I used the scissors to shape out the box. The bottle caps were the wheels. The tissue box was the chassis of my car. I used the tape to adjust some parts of the car. The balloon was the engine of my vehicle. I used the sharp knife to make small incisions in the middle of the caps and wholes on the box.

Why Did You Not Work?

I didn't think it'd be obvious at first, but after I took a close look at my car it seemed that:
  • Wholes on the wheels were to tight
  • Kebab sticks were bent
  • Tissue box wasn't airborne
  • Balloon's power wasn't strong enough to motor my car

Friendly Tips: