Monday, February 9, 2009

Basically what I was trying to do (failed) was to create a balloon car made out of a tissue box. It was supposed to be powered by a large balloon (didn't turn out so well) and flow smoothly on the floor. Above, are some of the items that I used.

  • kebab sticks
  • scissors
  • bottle caps
  • tissue box
  • tape
  • balloon
  • sharp knife

Use of Materials:
The kebab sticks worked as axles for the wheels. I used the scissors to shape out the box. The bottle caps were the wheels. The tissue box was the chassis of my car. I used the tape to adjust some parts of the car. The balloon was the engine of my vehicle. I used the sharp knife to make small incisions in the middle of the caps and wholes on the box.

Why Did You Not Work?

I didn't think it'd be obvious at first, but after I took a close look at my car it seemed that:
  • Wholes on the wheels were to tight
  • Kebab sticks were bent
  • Tissue box wasn't airborne
  • Balloon's power wasn't strong enough to motor my car

Friendly Tips:


  1. hey lucas,
    its tine-na the little car that
    can move fast. Thanks for the tip..
    "Keep it simple stupid"
    well i don't agree on the stupid part..